IEEE IoT Hackathon

Show your skills as an IoT developer and learn about the IoT Platforms provided by our sponsors.

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IEEE is hosting an IoT Hackathon Event during the IEEE World Forum on IoT!

Our Sponsors, Viper, Onion and Eclipse Foundation will provide on site support, tools and hardware.


We are challenging you in finding new Internet of Things solutions for the retail market, using the software VIPER and all the possible compatible hardware.

A 2014 survey from Acquity Group highlighted that about 35% of consumers thought that the smart refrigerator would be commonplace in the near future. In 2007 a “talking fridge” was designed to automatically order milk based on the current stock as well as on the detected consumption rate. In other words, consumers won’t need to go to the store to get milk any more…The store would come to them.

We believe that a consumer’s shopping experience can start from home. The IoT has the potential to revolutionize the retail market, inverting shopping paradigms. Consumers will be able to experience shops from home, not only to to see new products, but to access additional info, such as the number of people present in the shop, the internal temperature, the sound level, and the music being played.

How will IoT allow extending the shopping experience outside the shops’ door? Let’s design the future of shopping! Free your creativity and propose your solution that can revolutionize the retail market! Wanna get more visibility? Post it on Hackster and link it to the VIPER platform.



VIPER: VIPER is a multi-board compatible IoT development suite for makers, designers and IoT  developers. VIPER supports rapid product development and integration with sensors and cloud services, reducing development time and efforts. VIPER is composed of:

  • VIPER IDE: a multi-platform and browser-based developing environment with cloud sync and board management features;
  • VIPER VIRTUAL MACHINE: a real-time, multi-thread supporting, Python 3 OS running on all the 32bit ARM Professional and DIY microcontroller boards, like Arduino, UDOO, Particle, STNucleo;
  • VIPER APP: the mobile interface for smart objects and IoT systems.

Any mobile will become the objects display and remote controller.
Free Download:


One of the following MCU boards: Arduino DUE; UDOO; STM32 Nucleo; Particle Core/Photon
Sensors, actuators, LED and other necessary hardware compatible with VIPER (listed in the documentation)


A blog post on VIPER official blog and an article about the project on an international IoT blog

A Kit composed of a TOI Shield (Multi-sensor board, more info here) and a Particle Photon. All compatible with VIPER.

This IoT Hackathon Event is open to all registered attendees of the IEEE World Forum on IoT. Learn more or register for the IEEE World Forum on IoT!  Register for the Hackathon here.

Milano, 14-16 Dicembre 2015

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