Chai Botta


Computer Science Master Course

Politecnico di Milano (2015)


Freelancer and Hackathoner

Hello guest ,

Thanks for visiting my profile . My name is Chai Botta and I consider myself as a passionate coder . I like to imagine new applications, especially mobile ones. I like to bring new ideas and new concepts to reality .

This quoted sentence, written by George Bernard Shaw, resumes my point of view:

” You see things and you say, ‘ Why ? ‘ But I dream things that never were , and say , ‘ Why not? ‘ ”

As you can see from my page ‘Education’ I grew up  throught very different environments and thanks to that Lateral Thinking it has become my strength .

I believe that smarter solutions can be next to you if you are able to recognize them. A man begins to look around himself only when he realizes his limits and starts to doubt about his knowledge, his thoughts .

Let’s start from high school:

Classic Education track: Liceo Classico Luciano Manara (Rome). It seems strange but I was pretty good at translating ancient greek and latin texts and poems.

Then I decided to follow what I really loved  to study (since I was at secondary school), it is said Math.

Pure/Applied Math Bachelor: Università degli Studi Roma Tre (Rome). Yes, I found out what math is for real, I loved it but at the same time I understood it was not the way I was dreaming about changing the world.

Computer Science Master Course: Politecnico di Milano (Milan). After some amateur experiences on coding during my bachelor I realized I need a stronger background into IT. I finally refined my coding skills and thanks to my bachelor I could rush and keep on with the Engineering courses.

Finished all exams, Working on thesis… …DONE! (graduation on 28 may 2016)

IT Consultant and Developer : (on 2 April 2016) I started my job as IT consultant at Cluster Reply srl company. Working on SharePoint, WebApps during the day and Mobile Cross-Platform developer during the nigth. Keep solving problems of any kind and working on great (and HUGE) projects.

Mobile application:

  • Android SDK, NDK (native)
  • Windows Phone (native)
  • Xamarin (cross-platform)
  • Cordova/PhoneGap (cross-platform)
  • Titanium (cross-platform)
  • Android wear (native)

Desktop application:

  • Windows 8 application (C#, HTML5+CSS+JAVASCRIPT)
  • Leap Motion integration
  • Mono framework
  • Java

Web application:

  • Spring Framework
  • Java EE
  • Php
  • SharePoint


Programming languages: (starting from stronger knowledge)

  1. Java (android native)
  2. C# (desktop and mobile)
  3. Javascript (mobile and web)
  4. Php (web)


Spoken Languages:

  • Italian (mother tongue)
  • English (professional)
  • Spanish (professional)

You are a great guest!

Feel free to write me both filling the form, both writing me at the following address: chai.botta [at] gmail [dot] com

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Hackathon Achievements:

  • Microsoft Publish Hackathon April 2014
    • Best Windows 8 App (1st place)
  • Droidcon Hackathon Turin 2015
    • Best Mobile/Android Wear App (1st place)
  • Hacking Healt Milan April 2015
    • Best solution app in all 3 cathergories (over 4) (1st places for all 3 cathegories)
  • BattleHack Venice by Paypal (at H-Farm headquarter)
    • 3rd place for best hack
  • Droidcon Hackathon Turin 2016
    • Best Mobile/IoT solution App (1st place)